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Brendan White

Bodhran Maker from Cork, based in Holland

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Brendan White is a world renowned Bodhran maker from Youghal, Co. Cork in Ireland, who has been making Bodhrans for 30 years. In his own words: "I was kind of washed ashore in Holland a few years ago. I have very little to say about bodhrans that has not already been said. The Irish bodhran or Irish drum has become as much a symbol of Ireland, as the harp and maybe even more so in recent years."

Brendan started off as a player more than 40 years ago. Then he started making non tunable bodhrans, they were good for their time but they were like all non-tunables, troublesome, if you did not know how to handle them. Charlie Byrne from Thurles Co Tipperary made the best of them.

Donal Lunny encouraged me to try and make one with the tuners on the inside, after tinkering a lot I succeeded. I now have a very strong reliable rim and tuning system. Life span between 10 and 20 years depending on who is sitting behind it.

Brendan White bodhrans have also made it into films. Donal Lunny in The Brylcream Boys, my good friend Mick Flynn in BallykissangelThe Ceili Bandits, Tim Foley in Masters and CommandersJackie Moran in The Road To Perdition, and Marc Duff from Capercaille in Rob Roy.


Eddie Hennessy, Traditional Bodhran player:  "I’m playing Brendan White drums since I started playing the best decision I every made, I bought an over priced drum from another Bodhran maker one time but quickly went back my Brendan White. It's more consistent with weather change and the tone is great!"

Seanie McGrath, Traditional Bodhran Player: "Brendan has added a bit of old school magic into this bodhran. It really is something very special. An extra thick goat skin, raw looks, and a sound that I thought was lost forever in the Bodhran making world. It’s the closet thing I have played since the Bodhráns of the legendary late Charlie Byrnes. This Bodhran is made to last, it’s extremely adaptable due to Brendan’s well thought out tuning system, and the skin keeps surprising me as it matures, and it will open up even more with play."

John O'Connell, Traditional Bodhran Player, "I've been playing one of your bodhràns for about 29 years now. Played in many cities in Germany, Holland, Scotland and Ireland. And as sweet a sound, if not sweeter today as it was the first time I brought it home. Thanks to you Brendan, a true craftsman...""

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Brendan White and Hans Janssen playing the bodhrán.
Hans Janssen

Brendan White and Hans Janssen playing the bodhrán.

Brendan White and Hans Janssen playing the bodhrán.

Uiscedwr/Cormac Byrne/Boran solo@White Swan-leek2007

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