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Cork Folk Musician & Songwriter

Jim Barrett, "Mr Worthington"

Jim Barrett, "Mr Worthington"

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Jim Barrett is a singer/songwriter from Cork City in the Republic of Ireland. Another product of the renowned Colaiste Stiofan Naofa Music, Management and Sound course run by the Stargazers Chris Ahern with Ursula O Sullivan and Johnny Campbell. Jim passed through there around the year 2000.

In 2005 Jim's song 'Mr Worthington' was covered by Aine Whelan on her 'Between the Moon and Mercury' album.
In 2007, Jim wrote a collection of songs for Cork songstress Andie Mcnamara to perform on the album 'Before the Day is Done'. This is soon to be re-released and will also be available to buy at
In 2008 Jim collaborated with renowned Cork artist Freddie White to write 'Tia' which was released that year on Freddie's 'Stormy Lullaby' Album. There have been many other collaborative ventures along the way, one being with Pat Crowley (Mary Black Band) and we should see that album appearing on the horizon sometime in the near future.

Jim's influences have been wide-ranging from The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan to Joni, Freddie White, James Taylor, and Michael Franks to name a few. A mixture of most genres can be found in Jim's music but there are nearly always touches of jazz floating around there somewhere.
Jim unusually learned to play a right-handed guitar left-handed. Growing up in a house with one guitar owned by his right-handed older brother Jim had to adapt to the situation if he wanted to play. Although somewhat hindered in certain styles of playing with the lead strings on top, Jim has also found a more interesting sound with the bass strings at the bottom, and just like the leopard who can't change his spots Jim could never revert to playing now in a conventional way.

Jim eventually bought his own guitar in 1978/79 from of course Crowleys Music store in Cork. A Daion mahogany '78 Century. He still remembers the day he bought it and it still lives with him today beloved and never to be parted. There's an old photo of Jim playing in the Lobby with the old Daion in the photo section.
Jim's new guitar was custom-made by Corks own Dave Carroll in 2020.

Normally more comfortable supporting somebody else, the release of 'Chatanooga Man' is Jim's first recording dip into the water of being front stage as a singer. All the songs are self-penned and the host of great artists who came on board for the project are the cream of Irish musicians. The result was something really mellow, funky and uplifting.

His album CHATANOOGA MAN can be purchased here at


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