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David o'Donovan


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David O'Donovan

David O'Donovan

This Is Who We Are, The Longwave Music Podcast: David O'Donovan

Eric Johnson Strats - David O'Donovan

Crowleys Music - Rory Gallagher 25th Anniversary Tribute Jam - David O'Donovan

Lakewood Guitar Slow Irish Air

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As an eleven year old, I remember listening to Steve Hunter’s guitar solo on Alice Cooper’s ‘Generation Landslide’. On hearing that magical sound I knew at that moment I wanted to play guitar”.
Since then David O’Donovan has become a very accomplished guitar player and composer. From his early days of playing on the 1970’s/80’s Cork scene with rock bands such as Driveshaft and Prog band China White to achieving national exposure with the band Stands Looking Back, he still considers himself to be a student of the guitar, always seeking to create different kinds of magic from the instrument.
His diverse and wide-ranging approach to playing has allowed him to express and interpret his influences in his own unique way, being influenced by players such as Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Bert Janch, Alex Lifeson, Steve Morse and Eric Johnson.
His debut solo album S A Y N O M O R E pays tribute to these players through an eclectic collection of instrumental compositions accompanied by his daughter Takara and other accomplished musicians.
S A Y N O M O R E has been Mastered and part mixed in Austin TX by Eric Johnson’s studio engineer Kelly Donnelly and artwork/design by international rock photographer and graphic designer Max Crace.
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