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Kilkenny Musician & Songwriter

The Washboard Hour - Majella Murphy

The Washboard Hour - Majella Murphy

The Washboard Hour - Majella Murphy

Lance Hogan producing Majella Murphy

Majella Murphy singing on the Late Late Show

Majella Murphy. Too Small To Follow


Biography & Photos

"I'm singing for as long as I can remember. As a tiny kid, I sang in the bathroom because the acoustics were better. 

I started writing around 19 years of age and I had joined a choir shortly before that and I sang 'til my heart's content, so that is where the music really started taking off.  

I trained in childcare and used to play a lot for the children and I thoroughly enjoyed that but music was my first love. I was 31 before I really went for it, and I brought out my first album 'Brave New World'. I was nominated for a Meteor Award for that album. I was getting quite well known, but my drinking was progressing too and I had a lot of treatments. It's taken me a long time to get sober. I'm a committed Buddhist since 2011 and I'm very happy, it gives me great peace." - Majella.

"Majella Murphy has lived many lives in one. She has won All Ireland medals for camogie, she was a keen angler and is an avid skateboarder. She has written a fiction novel, and in 2011 she became a Buddhist. She was a guest on the Late Late Show, and she was a contestant on 'The Raw Sessions', on RTE in 2008 reaching the semi-finals. Her hit song 'Too Small to Follow' was written on the show. She has battled with alcoholism for many years and is doing well today. She just buzzes with energy, childlike enthusiasm, and a loving heart and is endeared to so many.                                                                                                                                                                 

Music is a huge passion for Majella. Her home is set up for recording gigs for YouTube and she delights her neighbours playing outdoor concerts in her garden. Her debut album 'Brave New World' was a huge success and was nominated for a Meteor Award. Music is what she does every day. It is therapeutic, her form of comfort and expression. As she says herself, it slows down her mind. Her latest album is due for release in a couple of months but ahead of that, she is launching her single 'Adam's Heart' to donate all proceeds to the India Covid Appeal Fund which was set up by Palpung Ireland Buddhist Centre, which she is a member of. We wish her lots of success."                       - Sheena Crowley, The Island of Music.


"There's a lyrical quality to Majella Murphy. It is there in her new single, Too Small to Follow, a song that tells the story of her stepping from the shadows of alcoholism back into the light. But it’s also in her voice when she speaks.

Even on a wet morning in the bar of the Dublin hotel where this interview takes place, she can evoke the glow of a riverbank on a glorious summer evening." - Joe Jackson, The Irish Times.

This Sunday, July 18th, 2 pm - 3 pm

 Covid India - Thank you concert

NB The concert will be live-streamed over youtube (not Facebook)

The rescheduled free "Thank you concert" by Majella and friends is taking place live  this Sunday from 2 pm -3 pm 

 As a  show of