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Cork Musician & Songwriter

Hosanna - Small

Hosanna - Small

Hosanna - Small

I'll Wait - Small

Bad Day

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JOHN JERMYN Songwriter, Singer and Guitarist
John Jermyn has been a guitarist/singer-songwriter for many years. Based in Cork, Ireland. Honing his skills as a songwriter from an early age, John has had various bands, namely Steal The Grease, Volcanic Earth, and Coaltraán. The song setlist for each of these bands was completely based on original material. Volcanic Earth became a successful band in the 1990s.

Some years ago John made the decision to strike out as a solo musician, with the emphasis primarily on recording new material, creating two cd albums 'Bloodshot Eyes' and 'Wall Of Prayer'.
Working closely with Johnny Campbell, the highly regarded engineer and producer, 'Wall Of Prayer' came to fruition. 
A large production, benefitting from the skills of top musicians in Ireland at the present time, namely Pat Crowley, Johnny Scott, Johnny Campbell, Brian Calnan, Aine Whelan, Brendan Butler, among others. Mastered by the renowned Billy Robinson in Donegal.

John Jermyn is also a well known progressive visual artist. Recent albums have seen his work as a painter, explore, interpret and connect with his music. A fascinating combination.

PREVIOUS BANDS & SOLO WORK (Including Discography)
1986 to 1991 Band: Steal The Grease
1991 to 2000 Band: VOLCANIC EARTH (album: 'Sensitive Skin', released 1994)
2002 to 2007 Solo: JOHN JERMYN (album: 'When You Don't Know What It Is', released 2007)
2007 to 2013 Band: COALTRAAN (album: 'Greatest Surprise', released 2011)
2013 Band: COALTRAAN ( EP: 'Juice and Tabacco', released 2013)
2014 Solo: JOHN JERMYN (album: 'Bloodshot Eyes', released 2014)
2015 Solo: JOHN JERMYN (album: 'Explorations', John Jermyn with Jack Doherty, released 2015)
2016 to 2019 JOHN JERMYN (album: 'Wall Of Prayer', released 2019

John Jermyn Title: 'Wall Of Prayer'
John Jermyn Title: 'Bloodshot Eyes'
John Jermyn Title: 'Explorations' – John Jermyn with Jack Doherty
Coaltraán Title: ' Juice and Tabacco'
John Jermyn Title: 'Best of Volcanic Earth'
John Jermyn Title: 'When You Don't Know What It Is'

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