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Hanora George

Cork Folk Musician & Songwriter

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I WANT YOU by Hanora George

I WANT YOU by Hanora George

I WANT YOU by Hanora George

The Fallen by Hanora George (Martina Stafford)

Hanora George - PussyCat

Hanora George HollowBox

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Hanora George is baited and ready to catch some fish. Having released her debut EP in May 2016, George has excited audiences to the point where she has had to undertake a 'catch and release' only policy for future expeditions. She is currently putting her heart and 'sole' into her first album to be released in October 2020. 


Jools Holland would love Cork-based folk singer and songwriter Hanora George. She would strike him not just with her powerful vocals but with what seems to me to be the energy of a caged animal waiting to break out. She can go in any direction with the layers and layers of vocal range and talent.


She is heavily influenced by gospel, blues and folk. In her own words "I soak that music up like no other and it feels right. When I perform, I feel at home. It's meditative as I feel like I can embody the song and lose all sense of myself. It comes from a deep desire to be free. I think of it like a prayer or hope for complete freedom. I write usually in a state of flow, I don't dwell on it too much and try to just feel the rhythm and sink into a calm and open state."

Hanora's debut EP released in May 2016 included the haunting vocals of "Souls and Angels", and the uplifting, catchy "Come Along". She is eagerly anticipating the release of her first album which she recorded with Brendan Fennessy and Arran MacGabhann. Musicians that collaborated on the album include Brendan Fennessy, Martin Leahy, Shane Scanlon, Davey Ryan, Paddy Freeman, Diarmuid MacCarthaigh and Paul Dunlea.


The album is due for official release in October 2020, but is available for pre-order (CD format) and download on

Review by the "I have talked about Hanora George a lot over the years. She is on another level altogether. Everybody I know who heard her for the first time says 'holy f**k' or something like that.  I just listened to the new album "Nay Baas" and of course it delivers. The first thing that hits you is how Hanora uses her voice as an instrument. She pulls you up and tears you down. With her voice alone she can build a theatre or drag you to the merry go round.

This album has a way down south feel with a Tom Waits influence, especially with track No.2 'I Want You'. It has the sombre atmosphere of a New Orleans march. Her writing is intelligent and at times attacking your sensitivities. She is a master vocalist and has a freeform style as though she can't be contained."