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Mark Wilkins

Cork Musician/Composer

If The Walls Could Talk - stories of Cork's heritage (sample)
Cork Folklore

If The Walls Could Talk - stories of Cork's heritage (sample)

If The Walls Could Talk - stories of Cork's heritage (sample)

Mark Wilkins/Gráinne Mcgee - A Midsummer Nights Theme pt2

The Counting House : Beamish Brewery in the '60s & '70s

1 - Introduction If the Stone Could Speak




Mark Wilkins is a musician, composer, songwriter, and educator from Cork City where he lives and works. An active member of the live music scene in his native Cork and around the country for over thirty years; he has performed and recorded a wide range of musical styles (rock, jazz, folk, flamenco, roots, contemporary) with various bands, songwriters and DJs as well as writing and performing original music for award-winning  theatre companies such as Gare St. Lazare Players Ireland, Macnas, Theatre Lovett and Intersections.


In recent years Mark has recorded and performed with the roots band Lazik, flamenco band Jaleo Y Palmas and singer-songwriters Annette Buckley and Vickie Keating. He has also composed soundtracks for a series of documentaries about Cork's built heritage for the Cork City Council.


In 2015 he helped set up the Cork based music-theatre collective ‘Intersections’ and composed and performed music for their production ‘Friars Walk’ at that year's Cork Midsummer’s Festival. In 2016 and 2017 he composed and recorded original music for three radio docu-drama series (‘Friars Walk', 'Jerusalem Passion' and ‘A Christmas Postcard’) commissioned and broadcast by RTE Lyric FM. In June 2018 ‘Jerusalem Passion’ received a Finalist Certificate Award at the prestigious New York Radio Festival Awards.


In 2019 he devised, produced, and composed music for ‘The Madrugada’ a music-theatre show based on the poems and lyrics of the late and highly influential Cork singer and writer Mick Lynch (Stump/Microdisney/Mean Features/Dowtcha Puppets). This received a lot of media attention, both national and local, and audience acclaim. In 2020 he self-released an online album ‘Gan Focal’ of instrumental compositions to good reviews.


His latest release is SOUNDTRACKING, a collection of original music composed for theatre, radio, and film recently remixed and remastered and available on Bandcamp and all digital platforms.

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