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About Haruaki Saito


One of Cork’s finest luthiers, Haruaki Saito has been working with stringed instruments for the past 14 years. Having graduated at the top of his year in Chubu Technical Academy of Musical Instruments, Haruaki went on to work in one of Asia’s most prestigious violin workshops until he decided to move to Cork 5 years ago.


Since arriving in Cork, Haruaki has been working at the acclaimed Vegter Violins, working on the restoration of fine violins and bow repairs, doing general violin repairs and making his own violins.


Haruaki Saito is a traditional accordion player and has extensive knowledge of traditional fiddle playing as well as having a deep understanding of classical violin music, both of which aid him in assisting violin players in making decisions surrounding their instruments or in the purchasing of new instruments or equipment.


"I have had the privilege of having had Haruaki work on violins and bows for me in recent years and had the pleasure of purchasing a stunning instrument from him too. He is a meticulous craftsman who takes his work very seriously and is one of the most knowledgeable luthiers I have come across. He brought back to life an old instrument that was in my family and made it sing to its best ability. Haru has advised me on string types and other violin accessories, as well as doing superb rehair jobs on my bow.

The instrument he sold me is an exquisite instrument that brings me joy each time I play it, a very old instrument Haru restored having brought it from Japan. While I was in the market for a violin, Haru not only advised me on instruments based on my budget but also took into account which instrument suited my music the most, a mark of Haru's holistic attitude to his trade. It just so happened that the instrument most suited to me happened to be one of his, which was amongst many other superb instruments in Vegter Violins. Haru then adjusted the instrument to further suit the sound I wanted, making it the ideal instrument for me.

I recently had the pleasure of trying a new violin Haru crafted. I was completely blown away by the sweet tones, powerful volume, balanced sound between ranges and the beautiful feel and weight of the violin, not forgetting the
beautiful vibrant colour and aesthetic of the violin. I also loved that his label is written as Gaeilge (through Irish)! This violin is one of the most stunning instruments I have played and I hope it goes to a good home.

I recommend Haruaki Saito for all things violin related if you’re in the market for anything between strings to a new instrument. His professionalism, helpful nature and friendly attitude will make the process all the more enjoyable."

Molaim é! (I applaude him!)
Pax Ó Faoláin

Haruaki Saito: Biography
Caoimhe Flannery plays two jigs on a violin made by Haruaki Saito
Haruaki Saito

Caoimhe Flannery plays two jigs on a violin made by Haruaki Saito

Caoimhe Flannery plays two jigs on a violin made by Haruaki Saito

Matt Cranitch plays two polkas on the violin made by Haruaki Saito

Matt Cranitch plays slow air on the violin made by Haruaki Saito

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