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James Martin

 Luthier - Kilkenny, Ireland 


About James Martin

James creates the finest handmade instruments from only the best, top-quality, hand-picked tonewoods.


From start to finish your instrument goes through a process of inspection, touching, sanding, touching again, listening, sanding, listening and touching again, inspection, tapping, listening over and over again many times.


This is to ensure that you receive only the greatest instrument you have ever or will ever play with the sweetest, clearest tone with resonance to astound along with complete ease of playability.  


From James' creations we have handmade guitars - Parlour, OM & Dreadnought, handmade octave mandolins, handmade bouzoukis and handmade ukuleles - Tenor & Baritone.


James Martin Instruments

Guitars, Bouzoukis, Mandolins and Ukuleles


Handmade Acoustic Guitar - Custom Order Options